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We believe that America has some of the most beautiful and iconic lakes in the world. We know the bonds that families and friends can make while discovering these lakes are ones that will last a lifetime. We are honored to play a role in the rediscovering of Great American Waterways and the strengthening of families and friendships.


 Founded in 1999 by President Sheldon Graber, Destination has manufactured over 300 vessels in 23 years of business. Innovation and creativity have been our mainstays, developing new models and features that have solidified our brand in the industry.  Our talented staff manufactures from the ground up, with welders building the foundation and Master Finishers with an eye for detail taking each vessel to its completion.  We enjoy working together with our customers on selecting their finishes and partner with the local community for craftsmanship that is recognized nation-wide.  We design, engineer and manufacture in-house and our sister-Transport company ships, assembles and relocates vessels throughout the country.  Our on-site team does renovations and repairs as well.  

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We are a forward-thinking company with high standards and lofty goals.  We look forward to continuing to provide impecible crafstmanship for our customers. We’ve got our eyes planted firmly on the horizon.

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