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Houseboat Magazine Article (October 2002):
Great Scotts! Arizona Couple Finds
The Ultimate Destination



For Steve and Sue Ann Scott of Scottsdale, Arizona, Memorial Day was indeed a day to remember. They had just taken delivery of a spanking new Destination Yacht on the quiet waters of Saguaro Lake - a quaint little impoundment 40 miles outside of Phoenix. As the couple tested their new pride and joy, the VHF blared in a call for help. "It was the Coast Guard Auxiliary," Steve recalled. "They had been calling out that no one had stopped to help them, and they were drifting into the rocks." Just a few miles away, the Scott's decided to break in their craft with a rescue run. "I think they were a bit unsure, learning that it was a houseboat coming to save them," he said.

With it's twin 60 Mercury Bigfoot engines, however, the boat made a steady 10-mph jaunt to the scene. Even if their first foray into houseboat ownership started with a bang, the scenario since then has been a kicked-back vacation without end.
For the Scott's their own recreational rescue came in much broader terms. After several seasons running smaller boats, they decided it was time to settle down. They've actually had a slip on Saguaro for about eight years. Steve tells us, but have taken their enjoyment level to new heights with the houseboat, which they've clearly christened "Scotts & Water". "Before this, we had an 18-foot open bow Sea Ray. We used it to hit about every lake in the state."

Saguaro has always ranked as their favorite haven, however. "It's one of the prettiest lakes you'll ever see, and there's plenty to do," Sue Ann said. "We read and swim a lot. And we do a little hiking - with all the wildlife, we have a lot of reason to." Area critters include bighorn sheep, eagles, mountain lion, fox, deer and wild donkeys. Steve added, "One morning we saw a mountain lion eat a squirrel for breakfast."

Good tunes also have a high priority aboard. "Scotts and Water", is supported by a hi-fi stereo system with weatherproof Bose speakers. The factory put in a subwoofer and the amps. Now the Scott's have a total of eight speakers on the boat. "I think at the factory they were a little curious as to just what we were going to be doing out here," Steve said.

And what do they listen to? Like their wide array of other houseboating activities, it's a little bit of everything. "We've been known to put Kid Rock on," confesses Sue Ann. "Not all the time, but it surprises people sometimes."

The Scott's also have a flat panel television with a TracVision satellite system, "so if we can, we'll drive down the lake and watch a NASCAR race if we want. We have done that before," Sue Ann said.

"It's a self-tracking satellite, so as we drive down the lake, the system will track the satellite and it's amazing," Steve said. "It doesn't matter how much the boat rocks or how often you turn, it does not lose that track. It stays glued right to that satellite."
For all their activities, the houseboat had to fit. The Scott's took their time to make sure they got the right boat for the right lake, and more importantly, that they had a boat that reflected their needs and activities.

"There were certain things I knew I wanted in a houseboat, but I just wasn't finding what I wanted at the boat shows." That all changed after crossing paths with Destination's president, Sheldon Graber. "We were just standing there asking questions about these things, and the answer was 'yeah, we can do that'."
One critical feature was a catwalk. "We do so much anchoring out and tying up with other boats, something like that just makes it so much easier."

Along with the catwalk and their selection from a variety of fabrics, the Scott's also opted for a L-shaped dinette. "We're not much into big formal meals," Sue Ann said. "We just wanted something for people coming in and out. We also knew we didn't need to sleep a lot of people on this boat. It sleeps four, but if definitely sleeps two quite comfortably."

The upgrades had their price, of course, but the Scotts were prepared. "Everything was reasonable (price-wise). Nothing about it was scary at all," Steve said. Sue Ann added, "And we understood what we were upgrading from, such as going from the oak cabinetry to maple."

In many ways, even the standard Destination items had the flavor of upgrade. Remember, this is the couple's first houseboat. "We went from a six gallon port-a-potty in our previous boat to a hundred gallon," Sue Ann said with a laugh. They also now have a hundred gallon holding tank, 50 gallon fuel tank and 75 gallons of fresh water with hot and cold running water.

"On our other boat we had a 70 gallon fuel tank and it took us a quarter of a tank to go down to the beach and back," Steve said. "On this boat it takes an eighth of a 50 gallon tank to go down and back, so it's much more fuel efficient."

The increase in boating quality is also apparent in the creature comforts and decor of the boat. "For the interior we picked out all the fabric. I went to different sources, but we also found the hardware that matched the pattern in the fabric and then we carried that theme throughout," Sue Ann said. "We have art from Sedona and Scottsdale and some from Mazatlan and try to put something in the boat whenever we travel."

Most of all, however, they have each other, and have found ways to enjoy their favorite getaway like never before.  "We do some what you might call 'theme parties' every once in awhile," Sue Ann said. "We've had a couple of summers when we had a pirate party. Everyone would come dressed up in their bandana, an earring, and an eye patch. We would take over a cove. One year we had 14 boats and 50 people. This year at Christmas we had a creative black tie where the guys got creative with their outfits. Steve wore a black T-shirt with skull and cross bones, a silver and black cummberbun, and a bow tie. The girls got to wear dresses."
Call it payback time for all the busy work weeks that precede their trips to the lake. Steve and Sue Ann are both financial advisors for Morgan Stanley. When it comes time to set the work aside, however, the Scotts take their relaxation seriously.

Time together on the water is actually a deep tradition for the couple. They first met on a Hawaiian cruise one winter, then got married on another cruise in the Bahamas the following spring. "And then for about eight years cruising was our vacation," Sue Ann said. "We always liked the water, but one year we decided that we would buy a boat instead of taking a cruise. The rest is history."

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