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Customer Reputation

Destination Yachts has a reputation for high quality houseboats, and our clients are the proof. One, by the number of clients that we have designed and built three and four houseboats for, and two, by the fact that our number one source of new clientele comes from our existing patrons.

1 Year Limited Warranty & 5 Year Limited Hull Warranty

Destination Yachts is the industry’s only 5 Year Limited Hull Warranty provider. Because our priority is on quality, and we focus on the foundation of the hulls, we can offer this 5 Year Limited Warranty that is unbeatable by any other manufacturer on the market.

Fiberglass Engine Covers

Utilizing space and innovative design, Destination Yachts has molded engine covers to protect the motor. These covers also allow for more seating. All of this while adding an unbeatable look to the style of the boat.

Modern Design

Destination Yachts is continuously changing the aesthetics of its production to place us as a four runner in the industry in design.


In 2010 Destination Yachts introduced the safest Full Hull for a houseboat the market has ever seen. Along with a West Coast Marine Engineering Firm, we took the compartmental design of the twin hull and integrated a lower closed hull between them. This allows for the design capabilities of a Full Hull when it comes to lower bedrooms and storage, but allows you to keep the bulk head compartments on the sides making for a safer houseboat. With this design, the location of the motors is further out on the beam, this allows for better control. With the center of the hull being only six to eight inches in the water, there is less drag and you get better performance. This hull is so innovative that Destination Yachts has it “Design Protected.”


Amish Craftsmanship

Destination Yachts utilizes the local Amish work force both in house and as suppliers for all aspects of the production.

Upper & Lower Cuddy

Destination Yachts was the first twin hull builder to introduce the upper and lower Cuddy. These Cuddies allow a person that is up to six feet tall to stand up in both the upper and lower Cuddie.


Unique Railing System

Destination Yachts has a fully anodized rail system as seen on full sized cruise ships. This rail system eliminates the canvas and reduced the side wind shear on your houseboat.


Factory Delivery

Destination Yachts has a factory delivery team to ensure our clients are completely satisfied.


Full Length Radions on Front Walls

With custom glass windows, in place of the ‘off of the shelf’ windows, Destination Yachts has molds made to give your houseboat a look that sets the standard.


Upper Level Innovations

Destination Yachts designs the upper decks to be both practical and very, user friendly. From upper deck bars, to half baths, to kitchen areas and even penthouse suits with interior stairways.


Design Innovative Upper Helms

Centered upper helms with sun beds and storage allow for a larger deck area.


Reflex Roof Coating

Over the past year, starting in 2013, Destination Yachts has been using Reflex Roof Coating. It is more durable than the fiberglass, easier to install and maintain, and it is more eco-friendly.